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Toby's expertise and patience have been invaluable to us here at E. Vaillancourt Plumbing & Heating Ltd. When I came to him approximately 2 years ago, looking to improve our companies online presence, I was  cautious and hesitant.

In business for many years, our company's marketing efforts where quite old school and we/I had a somewhat steep learning curve to overcome. I had met and spoke with a number of marketing companies before having sat down with Toby. Each of them seemed to have some good ideas but, in the end, it was Toby's willingness to take it slow and walk me through the process at my speed, coupled with his knowledge and a pleasant enthusiasm for his work that won me over.

Toby was extremely patient with my numerous queries, giving me a lot of personal time, as I learned and become more comfortable with the process. He is consistently professional and has a very friendly manner that makes interactions with him always a pleasure.                          

Through Toby's strategies we have implemented a number of changes that have had a great impact on the way we now present to our customers.  All this improving our bottom line.    

If you're looking to improve your online presence, freshen
up your image and drive the bottom line forward, I would highly recommend that you sit down with Toby from STRADEGY for a chat.  

Thanks from the staff at E. Vaillancourt Plumbing for your wonderful service and for bringing our marketing efforts into the 21st century!

Your expertise is instrumental in contributing to our success!

Brian Vaillancourt

The positive feedback that we received about your session was incredible - participants were engaged and found it very beneficial


I wanted to send a testimonial letter to Toby and STRADEGY for the excellent work with our Google AdWords account. We are a small but growing company with a very specific niche market. We had been using AdWords for a couple of years with some success but it became beyond my ability to maximize it. Partnering with STRADEGY was like hiring a critical employee at a fraction of the cost. We saw an immediate return on our work with them and they quickly grew and expanded our ads in a much more efficient manner. This gave us much more bang for our buck for our budget but more importantly they guided and advised against pitfalls and best methods of targeting, audience, style of ads, even optimization of our website! Our sales both in our low season and peak season increased while we saved significantly on our cost of advertising. Great staff, knowledgeable, friendly and able to provide clear explanations. We are looking at expanding to other services with them as well at this time and look forward to working with them as we grow as a company.

Adam Doran

STRADEGY.CA did an amazing job redesigning our Website and implementing our new online ordering process. The new Website already has a lot of compliments from clients. Highly recommended!

Jason Vander Griendt

A BIG thank you to Toby MacLeod and the team at STRADEGY.CA for taking my Website ideas and making them a reality. I couldn’t be happier with the results and the personal service throughout the process. I won’t hesitate to refer STRADEGY.CA to colleagues and friends.

Mark McKoy

STRADEGY.CA provided a comprehensive audit of my existing site and SEO efforts and identified a number of issues that would have been detrimental to my ranking. Thanks to their input I was able to correct everything and get my website back on track! Their advice on what to do (and equally what not to do) was vital in focusing my SEO and digital marketing efforts. They were candid in their suggestions and ensured I was spending my money effectively. I would recommend STRADEGY.CA to anyone looking to make their move in the online space!

Gillian Van Kempen

In the first year of working with STRADEGY.CA we increased revenue nearly 200%. Now approximately 70% of our business comes from the strategies they’ve helped us put in place.

Jody Walker