Case Study

Pro-Leak Solutions

Pro-Leak Solutions is a locally owned and operated concrete foundation repair company servicing the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada.
In the first year of working with STRADEGY.CA we increased revenue over 200%. Now approximately 70% of our business comes from the strategies they’ve helped us put in place.
Jody Walker
Pro-Leak Solutions


As a small local business wanting to make the most of their marketing and advertising budget, Pro-Leak Solutions relied on traditional print and outdoor advertising to generate new business. While business was steady, a lot of time and money was being spent without knowing how effective their marketing and advertising efforts were. After learning about the benefits of online marketing and advertising, and the ability to track results and measure ROI, Pro-Leak Solutions decided to try STRADEGY.CA's services for a few months - that was back in 2011.


Redevelop their existing website and optimize it for conversions Drive traffic to the website using Google AdWords Search Advertising Track our results using Call Tracking and Google Analytics


200% growth in one year 70% of business is now from AdWords Saved time and money

70% of business now comes from AdWords, while the remaining 30% comes from word-of-mouth
December 31, 2013
200% revenue growth within the first year of using STRADEGY.CA's services
December 31, 2013