Case Study

Uptown Montessori School

Uptown Montessori School provides Montessori based programs for kids aged 6 months to 12 years old, in Woodbridge, Ontario.
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Opening for business in the Summer of 2016, Uptown Montessori had established a DIY Website and used Google AdWords Express to advertise online...


With the objective of increasing student enrolments as quickly as possible, we built a custom Website utilized Google Having been referred to STRADEGY.CA by another agency, we worked with the owners of Uptown Montessori School to help them establish a strategy that would enable them to increase student enrolment as quickly as possible.


After only two and a half months we've achieved a tremendous improvement in AdWords performance, having increased the CTR by 386%, reducing the CPA (cost per acquisition) by 43%, and increasing the conversion rate by 583%.

79% increase in Google AdWords conversions
173% increase in Google AdWords Conversions
83% increase in conversion rate from all channels
164% increase in conversions from all channels
583% Increase in Google AdWords Conversion Rate
December 31, 2016
43% Reduction in Google AdWords CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)
December 31, 2016