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Frequetnly Asked Qutesitons

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked digital marketing questions.

How often will you optimize my Google Ads Campaigns?

We optimize Google Ads accounts once a week. Depending on the scope of the campaign and the objectives of the client, your account may be optimized more frequently. The optimization frequency is based in part, on the performance of the campaigns. New campaigns are typically monitored and/or optimized daily, while more established campaigns may be monitored once a week at a minimum.

Is call tracking included with your Google Ads service?

Yes. You'll have access to our real-time lead tracking and reporting platform so you can measure the success of your Google Ads campaigns.

Will I have ownership and access to my Google Ads account and data?

Yes - absolutely! We believe data is critical to the growth and success of any business. Any Google Ads account we work on or set up on your behalf is yours to keep, along with the data associated with it. Make sure the Google Ads company you work with doesn't hold your account and data hostage.

What are dynamic web pages?

Dynamic web pages are a way of organizing and dynamically serving content on your website using a database. A common example of a dynamic web page is a Blog. A Blog is comprised of multiple posts, which is a specific type of content that can be organized in a database. Dynamic content pages enable you to scale your website to hundreds or thousands of pages very quickly.

Can you register or setup my domain name?

Yes, we'd be happy to register a domain name on your behalf and configure it to work with your website and branded email. If you already have a domain name registered through a different registrar, we'll support you in making the necessary updates, but encourage you to contact your domain registrar for specific setup instructions.

Do you build e-commerce websites?

No. We specialize in helping service-based businesses. While we have no problem helping clients with a few product SKU's, if you require a full e-commerce site with dozens or hundreds of products your best bet is to retain the services of an agency that specializes in e-commerce websites.

Do you provide Google Ads services for e-commerce businesses?

No. Our Google AdWords solutions are intended for service based businesses. The objectives and goals of an eCommerce business are much different than a service based business. Managing AdWords for an eCommerce business requires a specific skill set. Make sure the companies you consider are experienced in AdWords for eCommerce.

Can I use a web hosting service other than the one you provide?

Yes it is possible to host your site elsewhere, provided your site does not utilize dynamic content pages (database driven content). If you wish to host your site elsewhere, we will provide you with all site files. Please note that we do not provide setup, implementation or support for sites hosted on third-party platforms. You will be responsible for publishing, testing, and any required coding to ensure your site works on your chosen web host.

Are the websites you design optimized for search engines?

Yes - a website with out any visitors isn't of much use to anyone. That's why we optimize every website we design and build for search engines such as Google. Your new website will have a solid SEO foundation from which you can build upon.

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