Google AdWords Search Advertising For Service Based Businesses

Put your service-based business in front of consumers the moment they’re searching for your services, with Google AdWords Search Advertising.

The Proof Is In The Results

These are just a few of the Google AdWords Search Advertising results we've achieved for service-based businesses throughout Canada.

47% Increase in Google AdWords Conversion Rate In the first week.
Integrated Solutions
Q4 2017 (Nov 7th to 14th)
36% Savings in Google AdWords Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) In the first week.
Integrated Solutions
Q4 2017 (Nov 7th to 12th)
54% Savings in Google AdWords Costs In the first week.
Integrated Solutions
Q4 2017 (Nov 7th to 14th)

All the features you need. All the benefits you deserve!

As a certified Google AdWords Partner that specializes in search advertising for service-based businesses, we know how to generate leads and sales quickly and affordably.

We Simplify Google AdWords For You

Google AdWords can be confusing, but don’t let that stop you. As a certified Google Partner with over 10 years experience managing AdWords campaigns, we’ll take care of the technical details for you, so you can focus on serving the leads and sales AdWords generates.

Optimized For Profit & Scalability

One of the biggest reasons businesses don’t succeed with AdWords is because they don’t structure their account and campaigns properly. We’ll ensure your account is optimized for both short-term results and long-term growth.

Show Up In The Right Place

Having your ads show up in the wrong geographic location can cost you a lot of money. We’ll make sure your ads are shown in the markets you serve, by including the areas you service and excluding the ones you don’t. This will help eliminate wasted spend on consumers you can help.

Show Up At The Right Time

Showing your ads to consumers when you’re not available to service them can cost you business. We’ll schedule your ads based on your business hours and/or objectives. This will help you maximize your marketing budget and help increase conversions.

Show Up With The Right Message

Ads that don’t speak to the consumers desire don’t get clicked. Ads that don’t align with your web page and service offerings don’t convert. We’ll take care of all the copywriting to help ensure your ads catch the attention of your target audience, so you can convert clicks in to leads & sales.

Your Campaigns - Always Up-To-Date

Businesses that don’t optimize their campaigns on a regular basis waste a lot of money. We’ll review and optimize your AdWords account as-needed, every month. This will help ensure Google AdWords remains a profitable marketing investment for your business.

Know How Many Phone Calls Your Ads Generate

Spending money to generate phone calls and not knowing now many phone calls you generate is risky business. We include call tracking as part of our AdWords Management service, so you’ll know how many phone calls AdWords generates & how much each call costs you.

Track Your Results & Get The Answers You Need

When it comes to marketing - if you can’t measure it, don’t invest in it. In addition to tracking phone calls, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive Google AdWords report every month so you can calculate your ROI. You can also speak with an advisor to review your results.

It’s Your Data & You’re In Control

Google AdWords data can be a very valuable asset to a business, which is why you’ll always retain ownership of your account when you work with us, and you’ll always be in control. We’re just here to help you succeed with Google AdWords so you can grow your business!

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STRADEGY.CA did an amazing job redesigning our Website and implementing our new online ordering process. The new Website already has a lot of compliments from clients. Highly recommended!

Google AdWords Search Advertising Management Pricing

Our Google AdWords Search Advertising Management pricing is based on your monthly ad budget. We have three price tiers to meet the needs of most service-based businesses. If you have a larger budget, we're happy to provide you with a custom quote.
For monthly ad budgets between $600 and $2,999
For monthly ad budgets between $3,000 and $5,999
For monthly ad budgets between $6,000 and $9,999
We require a three-month minimum after which time service will be month-to-month. We also require a one-time $500 setup fee. If you continue to use the service for a minimum of 6 months, the setup fee will be applied towards your last month of service (the 7th month or any month thereafter).

Getting Started is Easy...

Whether you're looking for an individual service or a comprehensive solution, it all starts with a free 30 minute marketing assessment. Once we understand your current situation, we'll propose a strategy to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Step 1

Schedule a Free 30 minute marketing assessment

Speaking with one of our Google certified marketing experts will provide you with new insights and help us learn about where you're at and what you want to accomplish.

Step 2

Get a Digital Marketing Strategy That Works

Once we have an understanding of what you want to accomplish, we'll customize a digital marketing strategy based on your resources and goals.

Step 3

Generate More Leads & Sales For YOur Business

We'll take care of the digital marketing details so that you can focus on serving your new customers.

Google AdWords Resources

Do you have questions about Google AdWords? Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), Download one of our guides, or joint us at one of our events.
What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics is a free service from Google, which enables you to track and measure your marketing efforts by placing a snippet of code on your Website. This is definitely something every small business should implement. You can track your website visitors, where they come from, how long they stay on your website, what they do on your website, and so much more! This is the foundation of being able to measure your ROI. Implementing Google Analytics can save you a lot of time and money.
Is call tracking included in your AdWords Management prices?
Yes. We believe call tracking is a critical component of measuring the success of an AdWords Campaign. We provide all of our clients with call tracking numbers and call minutes. When comparing Google AdWords Management Companies, make sure to ask if they include call tracking or charge extra for it.
Do you provide AdWords Services for eCommerce Businesses?
No. Our Google AdWords solutions are intended for service based businesses. The objectives and goals of an eCommerce business are much different than a service based business. Managing AdWords for an eCommerce business requires a specific skill set. Make sure the companies you consider are experienced in AdWords for eCommerce.
How often will you optimize my AdWords Campaigns?
We typically review AdWords accounts on a weekly basis and optimize them as-needed. Depending on the scope of the campaign and the objectives of the client, it could be more or less frequent. The optimization frequency is based in part, on the performance of the campaigns. New campaigns are typically monitored and/or optimized daily, while more established campaigns may be monitored and/or optimized less frequently.
Why do you charge a setup fee for Google AdWords
We don't like charging setup fees, and for the first 5 years, we didn't. The reality is, there is a lot of work to be done before launching an AdWords campaign. We need to research the industry, the market, and the services. We need to review the landing pages and provide recommendations. We need to setup and implement call tracking. We need to ensure that conversion tracking is setup so that a client can measure their ROI. In order to provide the level of service, we beleive every service-based business deserves, we had to make a decision about our pricing. Our options were to increase our monthly fees, lock people into a minimum term or require a setup fee. Increasing our fees makes our services much more expensive long-term for everyone, so that option was ruled out very quickly. When it comes to locking people into a minimum term, we didn't like that option as we don't like to be locked into minimum terms ourselves. That left us with our final option which was to require a setup fee. This option ended up being the least expensive for our clients, while ensuring we had the resources to deliver an exceptional service.

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