Frequently asked question

Other companies design websites for less money, why should I use you?

A lot of people think the term "website design" refers to a fully functioning website, but it doesn't. Website design is just the design of the website. That doesn't account for the content, search engine optimization or the actual development of the website. When you are comparing companies it's crucial that you compare them equally. A company that just provides website design is going to cost a lot less than us because we don't just design the site, we provide you with a fully-functional website designed to convert visitors into leads and customers.

If you want to compare our pricing to other companies make sure they offer the following:

  • Website and content architecture
  • Custom design (not a template)
  • Copywriting and optimized images
  • SEO keyword research for content
  • Development (coding the website)
  • Proofing and testing

The above doesn't account for our knowledge and experience designing and building lead generation websites. Our customers websites have conversion rate's three times greater than the average website. You get what you pay for!