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Custom lead generation websites

As a Canadian service business you need a website designed to generate leads and customers. Talk with an Advisor to learn why a custom lead generation website is the smart choice for your service business.

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Who is it for?

Canadian service businesses

Our lead generation websites are designed to help Canadian service businesses convert website visitors into leads and customers.











The problem

Your website is not generating as many leads and customers as it should

More than 95% of website visitors leave without converting into a lead or customer and most won’t return. Want proof? Just look at your website analytics. Too many businesses are wasting their marketing resources trying to reach more consumers, instead of trying to convert more of the consumers they’ve already reached, into leads and customers.

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The Solution

Get a custom lead generation website

A custom lead generation website is not your typical website - it’s designed to generate leads. It’s designed around the consumers you are trying to reach, the services you provide, and the geographic areas you service. See the results you could achieve below...

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The result

A website that generates three times more leads

The average website conversion rate is less than 5%. Canadian service businesses with a custom lead generation website have achieved conversion rates in excess of 15% - three times the average. Imagine the results you could achieve.

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The proof is in the results

These are just a few of the results Canadian service businesses have achieved with our custom lead generation websites.


Increase in conversion rate

Aire One Heating & Cooling
Barrie, Ontario
Q3 2021 - YoY

Increase in conversion rate

Aire One Heating & Cooling
Barrie, Ontario
Q2 2021 - YoY

Increase in unique leads and customers

Vaillancourt Plumbing
Oshawa, Ontario
Q1 2020 - YoY
Features & Benefits

Everything you need for website success

From website planning to design and development. Our custom lead generation website service will provide you with everything you need to launch a website that helps you grow your Canadian service business online.

Look professional

Your website is custom designed to reflect your organization’s brand and the needs of your customers

Reach more consumers

You’re website is optimized for search engines such as Google, so consumers can find your business online

Engage website visitors

From messaging and copywriting to images, we’ll work with you to create engaging content for all of your website pages

Provide a great website experience

We build your website around the needs of your customers, so it’s easy for them to do business with you

Win more leads and customers

Your website is designed to convert visitors into leads and customers

Works on mobile devices

Your website is mobile optmized so consumers can engage with you across desktop computers, tablets and smartphones

Fast and Secure

Your website is hosted on Amazon’s cloud using content devlivery networks (CDN’s) ensuring a fast and secure experience for consumers

Easily update your website's content

With Webflow’s leading content management system you’ll be able to quickly and easily update your website when you need to.

Help when you need it

We’ll be with you throughout everystep of the process, and available after your website launches

How do I get started?

Getting a lead generation website is easy!

Putting your service business on the path to more leads and customers is risk free and easier than you think. Just follow the steps below...

Talk with an Advisor

Everything begins with a conversation. Talk with an Advisor to learn if our services are right for your business.

Gain actionable insights

Learn how your business can reach more consumers and convert them into leads and customers.

Make an informed decision

Put your business on the path to more leads and customers. Do-it-yourself or have us do it for you. The choice is yours.

What's my investment?

A website that pays for itself

Our custom lead generation websites are not an expense, they are an investment that will help you grow your Canadian service business online.




Your custom lead generation website includes the following:

  • Website and content architecture
  • Custom design and development
  • Mobile optimization
  • On-site SEO
  • Copywriting and optimized images
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Proofing and testing

Talk with an Advisor to request a quote.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions?

Discover answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our custom lead generation website service

What is a lead generation website?

A lead generation website is a website that is specifically designed to convert visitors into leads and customers. While most website are designed to just look good, a lead generation website takes things a step further, they prioritize the consumer experience. Helping consumers reach their desired outcome as quickly as possible is the key to success. While you need your website to look professional, more importantly, you need it to serve the needs of your ideal customer.

Will I be able to update my website content myself?

Yes. Using Webflow's industry leading content management system (CMS) you'll have complete control of your website's content. You'll be able to quickly and easily update your website's content whenever you want.

How long will it take to build my lead generation website?

The time it takes us to build your lead generation website will depend the scope of work required. Most lead generation websites we build are launched within 4 to 8 weeks. Sometimes we can deliver it sooner and sometimes it takes longer. Remember, we're not just designing your website, we're building a consumer experience, that converts consumers into leads and customers. We have to plan and produce all the content including copywriting and images, research SEO keywords, design the site around the content, and then develop it into a functioning website. Results take time - but it will be worth it.

Why do I need a lead generation website for my service business?

Unlike e-commerce websites that transact sales online and publishing websites that generate revenue through advertising, most service businesses provide their services offline. The purpose of a lead generation website is to generate leads online, so you can transact sales offline.

Designing a lead generation website requires specific knowledge and skills. Don't settle for a generic website for your service business.

Other companies design websites for less money, why should I use you?

A lot of people think the term "website design" refers to a fully functioning website, but it doesn't. Website design is just the design of the website. That doesn't account for the content, search engine optimization or the actual development of the website. When you are comparing companies it's crucial that you compare them equally. A company that just provides website design is going to cost a lot less than us because we don't just design the site, we provide you with a fully-functional website designed to convert visitors into leads and customers.

If you want to compare our pricing to other companies make sure they offer the following:

  • Website and content architecture
  • Custom design (not a template)
  • Copywriting and optimized images
  • SEO keyword research for content
  • Development (coding the website)
  • Proofing and testing

The above doesn't account for our knowledge and experience designing and building lead generation websites. Our customers websites have conversion rate's three times greater than the average website. You get what you pay for!